I am extremely proud and happy to have been a part of Epic's 2013 GDC real-time Unreal Engine 4 presentation, Infiltrator. I was the Environment Art Lead for this project, where I managed a team of amazingly talented people in the creation of the environments in this demo. There were some great herculean efforts on all fronts to make this piece, and it is 100% a testament to the artists and engineers involved with this project. I am extremely proud of the work the art and engine team did for this demo, it was amazing!
Working on Gears of War with the Art Team at Epic was freakin' incredible. I wore two hats while working on these games, Texture Artist, and UI artist/designer. The work below was not 100% completed by myself, I was responsible for the textures for the assets pictured below. Credits to the original modelers are in the image description, but they are Kevin Lanning, Mike Kime, Mark Morgan, Chris Wells, Pete Hayes and Josh Jay.



Below are a few samples of assets textured for Unreal Tournament 3. I textured environment assets for UT3, and near the end of the project assisted with the Single Player Globe UI, and a few HUD elements. Modeler credit: Kevin Johnstone, Paul Jones, Pete Ellis.

Unreal Tournament 3 was shipped on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.

I was given the opportunity to help out on Shadow Complex in its final weeks of production. I spent a week out in Provo, Utah with the awesome guys at Chair polishing and texturing content before ship.

Shadow Complex is available on XBox LIVE Arcade, its an awesome side-scroller "Metroid-vania" game.

Unreal Championship 2 was my first title shipped at Epic Games. I feel super lucky to have UC2 as my first shipped title, the team we had at Scion Studios was absolutely incredible and I am extremely grateful of the guys who took a chance on the goofy looking college kid amongst seasoned industry vets, and welcomed me as a part of the team. UC2 is an amazing game that unfortunately was a little too late in the Xbox cycle, and too early for Xbox 360. I highly recommend playing it, its a fast paced, jumpy, crazy 3rd/1st person hardcore type shooter. Check out this awesome youtube video if you're unfamiliar with the game, this youtube user has very nice things to say.

We had a small team working on this game, I was able to wear many hats, and learn and gain experience in may areas outside my comfort zone. I created a set of tiling wall, floor, trim, and deco environment textures for the high tech Egyptian environments, as well as textures for a majority of the meshes throughout the levels. I was also responsible for the UI, created layouts based on initial concept art, animated the UI, captured and edited video for weapon, character, and map portraits, created character portraits - lit/paint-touch up models(textures by Lee Dotson and Kendall Tucker), HUD design, and animated crosshairs. I was also involved with our cinematics, in doing After Effects motion graphics/design in post for the news room shots and other misc shots, as well as creating the news-room environment background (512 video texture of 128x128 gameplay videos on rotating tv meshes).

Apologies for the super crappy camera-phone photos of the levels, the game is fairly old and had a hard time finding good screenshots of the levels, and was unsuccessful in getting the old build running.

Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict was released on the Xbox.


The crosshairs below were designed to display the function of the gun, and inform the player of the current state of the weapon. Various weapons had alt-charge mechanics (1st, 2nd, 4th image below), some were very basic (3rd, the Flak Cannon). These were one of my favorite and challenging parts of the project.

The Crosshairs had to be designed to match the feel of the weapon, and also had to animate in such a way that was informative without being too distracting. The crosshairs were designed in Photoshop, and animated in After Effects. Every weapon (12 total) in the game had their own custom crosshair with animating states for primary fire, alt fire, secondary function, and reloads, selected my favorites to show here.

The crosshairs below are for the: Bio Rifle & Grenade Launcher, Dual Enforcers, Flak Cannon, Nakhti Pistols, and Sniper Rifle.

This is an assortment of incomplete and complete art completed somewhere in the last 14 years. A few things are more recent, while most of the stuff here was done prior to 2003 in college. I've since lost a lot of the source art for a majority of the stuff here in harddrive failures, machine swaps, or gremlin activity. A majority of the models textured below were not made by me, authors of models are noted on the description.

Below the texture stuff is an assortment of 2d things: life paintings, and random drawings from 2003 and prior.

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